Web 2.0 NYC – Tying it All Together: Implementing the Open Web

Joseph Smarr – Chief Platform Architect, Plaxo (Dude talks fast)

Talk about the most fundamental and important changes on the web: The Web is going social, and social is going open. I’m going to take you though it and hopefully make sense of it.

Social web building blocks, but a lot of confusion as to what they are and what they do.

So: How to dhese pieces fit together, and how will this look once the dust settles?

Social web is BROKEN.

on each site, we still need to

  • create an account
  • re-enter our profile info
  • re-find our friends
  • re-establish our relationshiops

There’s gotta be a better way. And, there is. Help is on the way.

Building blocks establish

  • who i am (ID)
  • who i know (Social)
  • what’s going on (Activity)

Who I am

Create a portable, durable online identity


  • sign up / sign in with existing account
  • Link / share profile data between sites
  • Yahoo, AOL, MySpace, Google (on some properties)

rel=me (XFN)

  • Consolidate your online identity with me-links

social graph API

  • See what your users said about themselves

Shows plaxo pulse “Stream” which seems like it’s activity from across multiple web apps, kinda like friend feed. Hmm, I guess I’ll finally have to check out Plaxo.

Who I Know

Build and maintain real relationships

Contact APIs

  • Find people from your current address book
  • Leverage previously established relationships


  • Share private data between trusted sites

Friends-list portability

  • Continuous discovery across multiple sites

What’s Going On

How do you stay up to date with the people you know.

Becuase the whole web is becoming social, there are social things happening on dozens of sites. There’s no way you can go to all those sites to know who’s doing what all the time.


  • Build social apps that can run anywhere


  • Syndicate your activity to share with others


  • Real-time update stream between sites

So, where is this all going?

There’s you, and there’s all this social stuff on the web, adn there will be a middle SERVICES LAYER that manage interaction between the two. Those services will be:

  • Identity Provider
  • Content aggregators
  • Social graph provider

A day in the life of teh social web

  1. John wants to check out a new site. Can show up and use his identity provider to log in and start playing around.
  2. He finds who he nows that are on the site via the social graph provider
  3. He creates some content and shares it back…his friend Joe finds it and he also discovers the new site (content aggregator)
  4. Virtuous cycle repeats

Portable contacts: the missing piece.

Effort underway to standardize

  • contact schema
  • discovery / auth
  • common operations

Focus on ease and speed of adoption

  • Active involvement from large and small players

More info at http://portablecontacts.net


5 responses to “Web 2.0 NYC – Tying it All Together: Implementing the Open Web

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  4. Good article — a little cryptic for newbies. Would like more links to related material.

  5. Hi Maria. Check out my newly branded blog, where I try to tackle an overview of all this data portability material. Thanks for commenting.


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