Even More: E2.0 – Day 3 – Afternoon

This afternoon’s sessions:

Drive Business Value with Enterprise 2.0 Solutions From IBM – Work Fast. Be Smart
-Sponsored by IBM – Jeff Schick, Global director of all things Web 2.0.

We’ll see what IBM is hawking in this space.

Crap, lost a bunch of my post.

IBM integrated with SAP portal for a german defense contractor. Connections, Quickr, and Sametime as collaborative, social expressions overlayed on old line of business app. “If we want to be able to mouseover a name in outlook, and then navigate to a profile, we can do that.” !!. Sounds familiar.

Working with HSBC. Utilizing the profile capability of the technology.

More clients: FAA and Dutch Railways. Using tech to help employees all aspects of “I need engineer to help on a certain project.” Broad variety of examples using the tech, but back to basics of connecting people to people, and people to information.

FAA, on the other hand, is interesting. Sharing info, but within the constraints of their governance.

Accenture. Looking at social software: how can it help us in the context of healthcare communities. Accenture is delivering this to market with the coordination of the ibm software team.

LotusConnections and Lotus Quickr. Fill out profile, find connections, and then start to find / build communities of interest.

And IBM will be moving forward with: Social Network Analysis.

Also focused in integration. Plugging in best of breed wiki technology, like confluence or social text. Through to integrtion with consumer social network tech, like Facebook, and Yahoo answers. Also built out integration to the entire microsoft platform. Youll see some great things coming from us: Social Everywhere! Your old banking app can have the same discovery and pivot capability that you see in more social tools. Hmmmmmmmm. Sounds a lot like us.

TDI connectors to plug into CRM or HRS systems to populate profile.

*** Last session too crowded to get into, and I was late. Bad steve!


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