E2.0: Social Network Shoot Out

The “Shootout” was a panel with guys from four of the companies on the demo floor: Telligent, Small World Labs, Jive, Mzinga.

1.2 billion page views a month. 14000 communities. including espn.

Small World Labs
-started in 2005
-Service BT, Fox, Save the Children
-From Austen, different take. Drops SXSW
-Why we’re different: We have an online community platform, but what really matters are the services that go around it. Understand what goals and needs are, and mapping the technology to that.

What are you built on?

Small World Labs: LAMP.

Telligent: MS .Net stack. SQL Server and ASP.

Mzinga: .Net ASP.

Jive: All Java. I like the guy from Jive, Sam Lawrence. He’s funny.

A note: each of these guys are hitting services pretty hard. They all have services. It’s what sets them apart. I guess SelectMinds can’t really say that anymore (although maybe we can as compared to Conenza).


Telligent: We try to keep it as simple as we can. We’ve published all our pricing. We have a free version, with some limitations. We’re on-premise software. We price a smaller lightweight version. $5K per server. Enterprise edition is per-server, $20K.

Behind the firewall, we change pricing. A suitecase pricing model.

Jive: We do hosting or on-premise.

Mzinga: we are a hosted solution, everything gets pushed out automatically. One-time setup fee, ongoing monthly fee, loosely based on number of users.

Small World: SaaS, and we charge more or less on site traffic.

Q: What is the sales cycle.

Mzinga guy: 3-6 months.

Everyone else refuses to answer.


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