E2.0, Day 2, Morning (Part 2)

Enterprise 2.0–A State of the Industry Address*
-Dan Keldsen, Director, Market Intelligence, AIIM
-Carl Frappaolo, Book Author and Vice President, Market Intelligence, AIIM

Ooo, I already hate these guys. Kind of reminds me of “Welcome now my friends, to the show that never ends.”

Findings of their survey:

  • Age doesn’t matter (as much as you think
  • Culture matters (more than you think)
  • A Slow Market
  • Strategy (is hard to find)

Check the report at: http://www.aiim.org/enterprise20

The State of Enterprise 2.0 – Elevating the Enterprise 2.0 Conversation
-Ross Mayfield, CEO & Co-Founder, Socialtext

A bit of history…….file-centric paradigms of collaboration leads to email overload.

Big point: “Time to elevate the conversation beyond the tools!” Blogs, social networking, etc. These are just features!

Let’s focus less on features, more on what does it take to make a solution to get value out of it.

Nice: “Talk to your vendor, not just about the solution, but the problems you’re going to help me solve.” Sounds like you need a good professional services offering for that. Am I right, relationship-managers?

Mayfield is going to announce something here…..”SocialCalc”, a social, spreadsheet that crosses organizational, structural, geographical boundaries for group collaboration.

***K, break for lunch, and hitting the demo floor.


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