E2.0, Day 2, Afternoon

Enterprise RSS: Connecting People, Information & Communities
-Moderated by Mike Gotta
-Scott from Attensa
-Ryan from NewsGator

Generally talking about keeping up with business intelligence, etc. “We see a lot of Confluence, the wiki platform, and Confluence has feeds. There is a desire to get that wrapped up and channeled to the right people.”

NewsGator guy: why do this separate from big players? Security, etc. We can get content and hold it securely. We do a lot of cleansing of content.

Session is a bit of a snore. Questions about fair use and content and stuff. I can get excited about:

-Patrick Schlisenger – Group CIO for a Global shipping company.

We looked at RSS about making people aware of Process events. Kind of a process alert. Embarkation, cargo taken, etc.

“What we want to do is put all of this information in a way that everyone know what’s going on.” They also creating channels by functional areas, or by vessal.

They’re taking RSS and injecting it in a timely way into processes.

-Now, Pfizer guy is talking.

Recently implemented Sharpoint 2007.”We’re doing targeted initiative where info scientists targeting specific areas, and having them ID feeds that are good for those areas, and packaging them to the wider public.” Community leadership for the RSS functionality.

Guy next to me has fallen asleep.

Oracle’s Initiatives for Enterprise-Class Enterprise 2.0
-Sponsored by Oracle
-Steve diamond, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at oracle

Soon fatigue will start to set in.

Guy reminds me a bit of Joe Young.

He’s going to talk about CRM on Demand, with is SaaS.

Puts up pretty funny slide with a buncha 2.0 buzzwords and “Oracle Enterprise 2.0” prominently featured in the middle.

One takeaway: there will be categories in your life where you’ll be using new 2.0 apps, but most of the interesting work will happen in how your existing infrastructure is adapted to the 2.0 mindset. Plausible enough.

Dispatches from the land of the obvious: Use 2.0 stuff to “drive innovation, productivity, and effectiveness.”

K, we’re gonna do a buncha basic slides on business value. And then, waaay at the end, we’ve been promised a look at an Oracle product. “I just have a feeling that this 2.0 train has left the station.” Dude.

Okay, new apps. “Social CRM Applications,” including Sales Prospecter, Sales Campaigns, Sales Library. Use “social networking conventions” and “social networking capabilities” to provide sales users with “specific task related assistance they need to do their jobs.” Salesforce, take note!

Also, Human Capital Management. “We’re thinking very hard at Oracle” about how to get collaboration and crowdsourcing into HCM.

Hey!! A quick slide about how the AppsLab group at Oracle is looking at how to keep people up to date on acitivites across the enteprise. Wow, okay. Interesting. Further, he’s talking about tapping the social insight of networks.

For instance, there’s PLM software (Product Line Management Software). Platfform enviornment for getting physical products specced and built. We are working on the next generation of PLM software. Bring network wisdom in…PLM not just for engineers, but for aggregating information from multiple sources into the product. No actual examples, but interesting.

Finally, check out: Oracle Web Center. Demo. Product Manager for Oracle Web Center coming up. Set of Web 2.0 services to create a dashboard? Personal productivity tools: mail, to-dos. And: Communities, centered around different projects. Last night crated community called Enterprise 2.0. I created this so that I and others could collaborate. It’s got announcements and discussions, alerting from Web services. It’s got discussion forums as well. Lots of features…looks complex. Will have to check out the demo on the demo floor.

Social Media is Putting Power Back into the Hands of Companies’ Employees–Discover How Organizations are Challenged, and Changed Forever.
-Sponsored by Microsoft
-Accenture will also present. Tom Hoglund. Global Lead Collaboration and Knowledge Mgmt, Accenture.
-And a guest from British Telecom

Phil Morrel (who has the AWESOME title “Director of Sales Enablement”) manages “Academy” at Microsoft. Today we’ll talk about some of the practices from MS for collaborationand 2.0 concepts and tech applied.

What we’ll learn here:

  • If in IT: How to apply and find sponsorship for a Web 2.0 project
  • Business: how 2.0 can change the way you’re doing business
  • Vendors: how to sell to the other two parties in this room!

From Taylorism to chaos. Talorism leads to process, bureacuracy, replication, etc. How can Web 2.0 embrace Chaos? Chaos as in: step outside of centrally governed world.

Accenture guy:

He’s talking about how to apply Web 2.0 concepts to learning. Should probably get slides from this preso if you can. How to get middling performance up to high performance? Classic survy of audience: how much did you learn through formal training, and how much through on the job with people?

Accenture says leading companies are starting to look at learning as an expanded discipline…formal training, but accelerate on the job training as well.

Learning 2.0: ADD: user and expert-generated content. Delivery via cell phones, Zunes (ha!), just in time, etc.

Microsoft guy: Introducing the Podcasting Kit for Sharepoint! Podcasting production and searching into Sharepoint. Also integrated into Communicator. Requires you to have MOSS. $$$$. But kind of impressive.

Wow. Slide says: This is free. BUT, it’s “not supported by Microsoft.” Well, WTF?


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