Workshop: Implementing Web 2.0

I’m at Enterprise 2.0 in Boston. Here is some uh-live blogging from the Monday afternoon workshop.

On the speakers before the session begins: The Ramones. Also, Television. Punks arise! They’re playing stuff from Pandora, so maybe they’re going to make some point.

This session is: Implementing Enterprise 2.0: Exploring the Tools and Techniques of Emergent Change

Looks like the wireless network has crashed, so this workshop might not go to far. Presenter: <a href=””>Dion Hinchcliffe</a>.

Be sure to check out Enterprise 2.0 TV show!

“It’s going to take 5 or 10 years for Enterprise 2.0 to really work its way through the enterprise.”

DH says: Sign up for these services: Facebook (duh), Friendfeed (interesting) and Twitter (sure, when it’s working).

State of Enterprise 2.0

Buzz maturing. Blurring of lines between consumer and social media. Talks about how, 2 years ago, hardly anyone in a room raised their hands to “can you easily create a blog post or wiki page at your company.” Just now, about 2/3 or room raised their hands.

Deep thoughts: “Mind share is the step just before market share.”

DH notes that there are “hundreds” of E2.0 pilot projects worldwide. Just hundreds? Who knows. Lazy numbers. Anyway, the general point is: There is an upswing in interest and engagement with E2.0.

DH talks about how a guerilla install of MediaWiki displaced Documentum at AOL.

DH notes forrester report: “Majority of Global 2000 firms will be buying Web 2.0 tools in 2008.” That’s good for us at SelectMinds.

Question from the crowd: What about SOX and HIPPA? DH: It’s more a story of using the best tools for social collaboration and collective intelligence, and the more heavyweight tools for compliance issues. That’s a pretty wishy-washy answer.

Success stories emerging: Generally reporting better communciation, improved cross-pollination and leverage of knowledge, higher productivity, and not too many of the early expected problems.

Patterns and practices starting to emerge! This should be useful. He says he’ll come back to it. Community management (“You MUST have active community management for success”), social media guidelines, change management methods, driving adoption, measurement.

Rapidly maturing vendor space: Big software vendors are talking E2.0, and dozens of startups.

“Enterprise 2.0 will be a $4.3 billion industry by 2013.” Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

“Enterprise 2.0 will not happen until there is integrated search.” Onebox search, anyone?

What is Enterprise 2.0?

“I’ve aligned my opinions here with Andrew MacAfee.” Read: I’ve copied all his ideas; they sound good.

Enterprise 2.0: Innovative apps that shift most control to the users. Shift from institutional conrol to socially control.

Principals of Web 2.0

  • Web as platform
  • data as the next “intel inside”
  • End of the Software release scycle
  • Lightweight software and business models
  • software above the level of a single devise
  • rich user experience
  • etc.

Put simply: Networked applications that explicitly leverage network effects.

Enterprise 2.0:

  • Globally visible, consistent collaboration
  • Leaves behind highly reusable knowledge
  • Users tools for low-barrier collaboration
  • Workers into central focus as contributors

Comment from the crowd: Some corporations are reluctant to go global wide for collaboration. Needs to be more intimate, support “intimate spaces”.

Benefits of Enterprise 2.0…let’s say ’em together now:

  • increased knowledge retention
  • more doption and use of knowledge
  • emergent structure and process
  • “i didn’t even bother to put innovation on there…very promising, but we haven’t seen solid return yet”

And now, he discusses SLATES! Ah yes. Here’s functions you need for E2.0 to work.

  • Search
  • Links
  • Authorship
  • Tags
  • Extions
  • Signals

But, as I’ve said, there’s nothing here about routing through PEOPLE!

Hinchcliffe’s charts don’t make a lot of sense, but they are trippy. Kind of look like battle charts for paramecea.

**a short break**

By the way, according to my conference card, my title is “Director of Product Ma”

The Tools and Platform Scene – “A lot more Enterprise 2.0 baked into it than I’ve seen beore.” – Guess it’s an Australia company.

Social collaboration layer that allows you to expose existing IT assets like SAP, SIEBEL, ORACLE, ETC, via services. allows org to socially collaborate around those assets. Hmm, let’s see it in action?

K, looks like it’s kind of NetVibes for the enterprise. Grab widgets from around and put it into a page. Create your own mashup dashboard. Kind of cool, but, people, what about people? Looks like you can layer permissions into the read-write for a page. That’s not bad.


Vendor review. No mention of SelectMinds. Boo.

Also, DH says: “Getting search right is extremely important, and many companies don’t invest in it.” Search vendors offered were: Google Appliance, FAST, EMC, Coveo.


Igloo –
Very simple. Semi-traditional, document-centric, social-networking, blogs. No tools, no extensions, etc. Lead customer: United Nations.


“Sharepoint can do everything in SLATES. But you have to work so hard to make it work…” Not an endorsement. The ideas of SLATES are not baked deeply into Sharepoing.


Facebook Private Groups

  • Able to create an entire community in a private area
  • Can leverage your existing social graph
  • Provides mean to share, collaborate, schedule, coordinate, etc.
  • Provides challenges and benefits both
  • Exercise: Let’s create and use a private group

But what about data ownership??? What about litigation???


Prediction Markets. Check out

“Users can predict the future and build a reputation based on their accuracy.”

“Blogs and wikis are just the beginning of how the enterprise wil use these tools. Predictability markets are another interesting thing.”

DH sez that Best Buy is launching prediction markets internally. Wow.


DH finishes with “A Conceptual E2.0 Model”…crazy-ass diagram that I’ll upload when I get the slides.

Pass at Best Practices.

Adoption strategies. A ton of ’em. Will need to get the slide

Social Aggregator. YES! Need for a single aggregation of activity feed. Mentions FriendFeed. We need to move on this.


2 responses to “Workshop: Implementing Web 2.0

  1. nice. what was crowd’s reaction to facebook? and sharepoint. noticed lots of sharepoint news today… partnerships etc., everyone seems to be aligning themselves with MS (confluence, worklight, newsgator, etc.)

  2. there wasn’t much reaction in the crowd…crowd questions concentrated on low-level questions. there was a back-channel chat room where people were asking about Sharepoint. I and others commented that it was cripplingly expensive.

    Nate Nash was in the chat room discussing Work Light and Facebook. He was enthusiastic, naturally. I voiced skepticism, naturally. Crowd in general seems better informed, but everyone agrees that no one has all the answers.

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